Women of Words 2019-2021 Book Launch

Before I go into the details of the book launch I woulds like to update this blog with all the Women of Words projects since my post of November 2016. Here are the events organised since that date by the tireless Janette Hoppe.

Women of Words 2017
25 November 2017
Hudson Street Hum

Women of Words (Newcastle Writers
Festival ) 2018
8 April 2018
The Press Book House

Women of Words 2018
25 November 2018
Hudson Street Hum

Women of Words 2019
24 November 2019
Hudson Street Hum

Women of Words 2020
29 November 2020
Hudson Street Hum (cancelled
due to COVID

Grant: The Gender Network
Research of the Newcastle
University and the Newcastle
City Council $500 donation

Here is some background of this worthwhile project:

The Women of Words Project was created in 2016 in response to the high death toll of women, 74 women had died due to domestic violence by October of that year. Submissions were sought to create a collection of poems that explored domestic violence and abuse.  In 2016 Women of Words – Eat Stray’d, Love was published through Papatuanuku Press.  A book launch was held in November 2016 (4 November 2016 at The Vinyl Café).  After the book launch acclaimed poet Judy Johnson asked how she could be involved if domestic violence was not her story.  A subsequent event was organised for the following day and more poets (women) came forward wanting to contribute.  Since that time all the events above have been held. 
Between 2016 – 2018  Papatuanuku Press has absorbed all of the costs of hosting events and publication of Women of Words – Eat, Stray’d, Love donating all monies raised to local women’s refuge’s that are at the front line of helping women and children escape domestic violence.  In 2017, the last Sunday in November was claimed to host Women of Words. The Women of Words event features two local poets and two poets from out of town.  Since 2018 Papatuanuku Press has ensured that poets have been paid for their time.  In 2019 poets were paid through The Y Project who created an event called ‘Bank Your Words’.   The Women of Words Project has featured in The Newcastle Writer’s Festival twice since conception.  In 2020 The Women of Words Project was supposed to be featured again in The Newcastle Writer’s Festival and launching: Women of Words 2016-2018; published through Puncher & Wattman and Papatuanuku Press.

On Sunday 27 November Janette Hoppe launched the latest book in the series.

The following four poets gave readings:

Two poets were featured on a zoom session and after a break several poets at the launch including Judy Johnson gave readings of their work. Please buy a copy of this marvellous book and “know that you are part of the collective of hearts, minds and voices that aim to heal women who have experienced and may still be experiencing domestic violence.” hoponin@bigpond.net.au

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