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Arnissa today

Ostrovo (known as Arnissa) today. Photo courtesy of Nikiforos Sivenas

It’s wonderful how research communities and people can cross paths. As mentioned in an earlier blog, World War I Link gathers a lot of these communities together under the one umbrella.

My blog about the Scottish Women’s Hospitals is a member and so is Jenny Baker’s Looking for the Evidence. On a particular post about the Scottish Women’s Hospitals on my blog at Debbie Robson Nikiforos Sivenas crossed my path. He is researching the SWH because as a 10 year old his father encountered the women at the field hospitals and couldn’t believe that women were driving ambulances. The memory stayed with him and his son has been discovering more about these marvellous women and where they worked. He has supplied Jenny Baker and myself with some wonderful photographs of the region then and now. Above is a shot of the small township of Ostrovo as it is today.

I am currently going through various webpages including the Imperial War Museums, the AIF Database, the National Archives of Australia and the Australian War Memorial website. More websites that may help other people researching Australians involved in a world war or other conflict, are listed in Shane Pilgrim’s excellent article at ABC Open – 7 easy ways to research your family’s World War history.

I am so glad to be a part of such fascinating, resourceful and giving communities.

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Author, booklover, bookcrosser and firm believer in synchronicity. There is no such thing as coincidence! I am currently working on a trilogy set in Sydney and Paris during the 1920s, along with poems, flash and short stories.
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