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Research communities

It’s wonderful how research communities and people can cross paths. As mentioned in an earlier blog, World War I Link¬†gathers a lot of these communities together under the one umbrella. My blog about the Scottish Women’s Hospitals is a member … Continue reading

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WWOnelink – Gathering together WWI projects

Last week, through twitter, I discovered this marvellous site. WWOnelink¬†is about linking your Great War Commemoration Project to the world. Definitely a collaborative workspace in my books. The site explains: “WWI Link is a research project database established by the … Continue reading

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The Importance of Oral History and the achievement of Sophia Turkiewicz

Not everything makes it into the history books! Sophia Turkiewicz discovered this when she began to research her mother’s story in earnest. As she says herself: “Historians can tell lies. Their sins are the sins of omission. They choose what … Continue reading

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