Collecting Cobwebs: The Blue Series

Collecting Cobwebs
My dear friend Janette Hoppe launched Collecting Cobwebs: The Blue Series on World Mental Health Day 10 October 1015. The collection is a collaboration among Australian and New Zealand poets dedicated to raise funds for Beyond Blue and raise awareness about depression and overcome the stigma associated with mental illness.

In the acknowledgements Janette has written: I have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and post-natal psychosis. It is these different types of depression and a fascination with the brain that has kept me ‘keeping on’. It takes courage to speak our truth and if this book can save one life today or at least keep people like myself putting one foot in front of the other to enjoy this wild ride then this project and book has served its purpose.”

At the Newcastle Writers Festival recently there were readings from the collection by Janette Hoppe, Linda Ireland, Andy Kissane, Peter Langston, Marie McMillan and Ed Wright. Copies are still available and all proceeds from the sale of the book go to “Beyond Blue”. Email Janette now for a copy.

About Debbie Robson

Author, booklover, bookcrosser and firm believer in synchronicity. There is no such thing as coincidence! I am currently working on a trilogy set in Sydney and Paris during the 1920s, along with poems, flash and short stories.
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