Local history at Newcastle Library


Wow! I’m loving the new Newcastle Library website, especially the Heritage & History section. It’s all there. Everything you will need whether you are writing a novel, memoir or researching your family tree.

Never underestimate library resources. Yes, it’s great if your novel is set here in the Hunter. That makes life easy. I’ve been very lucky with my novel Tomaree and my manuscript I Remember the White. In the first instance whilst researching Tomaree, I went through all the folders at Salamander Library on Nelson Bay and Shoal Bay for the years mid 1930s to the end of WWII and I actually found the real life person behind my character Lieutenant Tom Lockwood, a US Army Signals Officer.

In the early days of researching I Remember the White, I decided I’d better get to know Mayfield as it was in 1920. I had already discovered that photos are very rare for that time period so it was definitely a red letter day when I came across a very slim folder, Old Mayfield F J Harborne containing only 9 odd pages and an amazing image. Not mysteriously as listed though, four original images but two photocopies of the one image. It is the only photograph I’ve come across of Platt’s Channel with wharves and houses long since gone. It was an amazing find that helped me bring the whole manuscript alive.

If it’s family history of say a family member who lives in another part of the state or interstate, don’t forget to contact the local studies section of the nearest library. They may have books or records that just don’t show up on google. You never know your luck. In the meantime check out Newcastle Library’s website. Here’s an idea of the range of services.

Local Studies Library

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2 Responses to Local history at Newcastle Library

  1. Ross Edmonds says:

    Yes, it is a great resource. I spent many hours there in 1990s

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