My aims and what I’m working towards!

Hello everybody! Just doing a quick post to outline my aims for the Starving in a Garret workspace and sanctuary. They are baby steps at the moment until I round up more volunteers but here they are:

1. to eventually staff (with a roster of volunteers – even an hour will do) a workspace/sanctuary for writers who can’t work at home.

2. to create and run a workspace, small room, whatever eventuates! Even a big table somewhere to showcase and sell Hunter writers’ books – fiction, poetry, non-fiction, history. Also to eventually compile A LIST, a bibliography of these books that can be emailed or printed out for interested parties.

3. to facilitate interaction between elderly people who have life stories to tell and other people who are interested in history and can volunteer some time to get these stories down for others to read and enjoy.

Well these are my aims! I’m open for business again. Drop in and have a chat. I’m at Inner Vista, 63 Stewart Avenue, Hamilton tomorrow, Saturday 25th May between 10am-1pm.

Hope to see you then!

About Debbie Robson

Author, booklover, bookcrosser and firm believer in synchronicity. There is no such thing as coincidence! I am currently working on a trilogy set in Sydney and Paris during the 1920s, along with poems, flash and short stories.
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